Tuesday, June 28, 2011

pinless: pinless calling to india-pinless calling india from usa-usa to india pinless calling

Pinless Calling to India is now becoming popular day by day as people are getting aware of what is  Pinless Calling Cards to India and how it is been used. Pinless Calling to India helps the customer a hassle free dialing as the customer don’t have to remember long digits pin numbers. All they have to do is that register their telephone numbers with the company and then they can make Pinless Calls to India from those numbers and take the advantage of low rates Pinless Dialing to India. Pinless Calling makes the calls easier, more convenient and faster. With Pinless Calling India, one can avail numerous advantages like speed dial, transparent call charges, no extra charges, no weekly, monthly or annual charges etc. Besides Pinless Calling to India there are few companies who offer Pinless Calling to other countries as well. Pinless Calling to India requires one access number which can be local access number or Toll free access number and once they have dialed that access number then just have to dial the destination number and the call will be connected instantly. Nowadays Pinless Calling to India is the best way available in the market to call India constantly! So choose the right Pinless Calling Card to call India.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pinless Cheap Calls To Senegal-Calls Pinless To Senegal-Cheapest Calls Pinless To Senegal

Stop using expensive calling cards to Call International To Senegal where you have to pay connection fee, weekly subscription charges and other hidden charges. The best way to make Cheap Calls To Senegal is with pinless dialing. Payless2call.com provides you the best solution to make Cheap Pinless Calls to Senegal with no added fees, taxes or hidden charges. Nothing can be simpler than Pinless Silver. All you have to do is just logon to www.payless2call.com and fill out an online form by choosing the Pinless Silver product. After that you are ready to make Pinless Calls To Senegal anywhere from US and Canada. We also have a customer service team working round the clock in case if you face any problem while using our service. You can make Cheap Pinless Calls To Senegal from your landline and cell phone both. Simply save your landline and cell phone numbers on the system and then you can make Cheap Pinless Calls To Senegal from those numbers. Pinless Silver also gives you an option of speed dialing, you can set any Frequently Dialing International Numbers, and then you don’t have to enter your destination number every time you make calls. It also saves your time from dialing lengthy numbers. Apart from Cheap Calls To Senegal, customers can use Pinless Silver to call other destinations at low rates from the same account! Just visit www.payless2call.com and view complete list of all the destinations with their rates. With Pinless Silver, one can get lots of benefits such as:
Low cost prepaid Long distance and International calls
• No expiration date
• No pin number required
• No monthly or annual subscription fee
• View your call records along with its charges
• Complete privacy of your account
• Unique Login ID and password assigned
• No contracts or agreements.
• Complete privacy of your personal details and your call records
• Etc.
How Pinless Silver makes Cheaper Pinless Calls To Senegal than other calling Companies?
• Pinless Silver is free from any hidden charges.
• No connection fee
• Free minutes to our valued customers via bonus points
• No increase in rates on peak hours.
After making Cheap Calls To Senegal, make sure of referring Pinless Silver to your friends and family who can also get Cheap Phone Calls To Senegal. By referring you earn bonus points for every referral. Every time you recharge your account you also get bonus point, these points are then converted to free minutes and you can keep making cheap pinless calls to Senegal.
Payless2call.com is the best service for making Cheap Calls To Senegal.

Pinless Cheap Calls to Nigeria-Nigeria Cheap Pinless Calls-Pinless Calls to Nigeria

Use Payless2call.com to make cheap calls to Nigeria with Pinless Dialing at substantially low rates. They are no hidden charges, no contract to sign. Calling Nigeria with Pinless Dialing you experience the best voice quality along with a variety of features that makes it so easy to place your call.

When calling Nigeria with Pinless Dialing from Payless2call.com you just have to dial the Access number, the country code (234), the area code and the phone number. When you use rechargeable payless2call.com Pinless service pinless for calling Nigeria you can always be in touch with your friends and family in Nigeria. The pinless rechargeable service is available on our website, payless2call.com and we highly recommend that you should always use this pinless service to make cheap calls to Nigeria. You can recharge your pinless account anytime from anywhere without having to go to a store to buy phone cards for calling Nigeria.
When you make cheap calls to Nigeria with Pinless dialing you are not charged any connection fees or taxes.Use Pinless Silver from Payless2call.com and enjoy low rates, features like Speed Dial Set-up, view call and payment history and also set your account to Auto-Recharge.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Online Pinless Dialing, Pinless Dialing, Pinless Calling-Calling Cards Services

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Services of Online International Top Ups, International Online Mobile Recharge-Online International Top Ups Phone and International Online Mobile Top ups.
Calling Cards
Payless2call.com offers a variety of excellent quality online calling cards. You can conveniently choose the exact Calling Cards that suits your need. With Payless2call you can save substantially on long distance and international calls.

Pinless Silver: Reasons to Choose Pinless Instead of Expensive and Unreliable Standard Calling Cards.

Pinless is an affordable, convenient and easy-to-use, prepaid Long-Distance Calling Service which offers an abundance of features not otherwise available with traditional (physical) calling cards.
With Pinless Silver’s powerful, user friendly and secure online portal you have complete control over your account, you can recharge, assign features, change options, update information and more by simply logging into your account. We accept Visa, Master and Discover Credit and Debit Cards, which saves you the hassle of travelling to a store every time you run out of minutes.
Making a call is as simple as dialing an access number from a telephone and then the Speed Dial Code or destination phone number (011+Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number). With features such as Speed Dial and Pinless Dialing you never have to worry about memorizing a lengthy PIN or phone number again.

Pinless Silver is designed to save your time and money; here are some of the features we offer and the reason why Pinless Silver has become a part of everyday life for our loyal customers across the United States and Canada.

Pinless Dialing Calling, Pinless Pakistan India Cards Services, Prepaid Wireless Refill-Pinless India Services

Prepaid Calling Cards PIN numbers are usually 10 to 15 digits long and can be extremely difficult to memorize.  Some of the latest Calling Cards offer a feature called Pinless Dialing which allows you to make calls without having to enter a PIN number.
Here’s how pinless calling cards work: Simply register your phone number/s for Pinless Dialing according to the instructions provided by the Calling Card manufacturer.  When you call the local or toll-free access number a system called automatic number identification recognizes that you are calling from a phone number that is registered for Pinless Dialing and allows you to place a call.
When Purchasing Calling Cards, always check to see if it has a Pinless Dialing feature, which will not only save time, but even allows you to make calls if you’ve lost the physical Calling Card.

With so many service providers entering the telecommunications industry, it’s become a hassle to select a Calling Card for making long distance and international calls. There are however, a number of Calling Cards that do offer a mix of affordable, reliable and Quality Calling Cards.
For calling inter-USA one such product is PINLESS USA. As the name of the product suggests this Card Offers a Pinless Feature which lets you place Calls without Entering the PIN Number.
Call quality on PINLESS USA Cards is excellent whether you’re placing an international or inter-USA Long Distance Call.
Another time saving feature, available on
PINLESS USA Calling Cards is speed dial.  Which lets you save frequently Called Phone Numbers, by assigning a 1-2 Digit Speed Dial Code, which can be entered after dialing the access number and will connect you to the Phone Number assigned to the Speed Dial code.
PINLESS USA Offers economical rates allowing you to speak longer and without subscription/connection fees and even no expiration date, this product is simply excellent. 
Recently while searching for an Affordable Calling Card for inter-USA And International Calls, I came across a company called PINLESS USA SERVICES.
PINLESS USA SERVICES offer a variety of different Calling Card brands, all of which are simply excellent.
Here are some of the reasons this company has been so successful in the
Calling Card Market:
Call Rates On PINLESS USA SERVICES cards are economical for both domestic and international calls and none of the cards have connectivity or subscription charges, if you speak for 1 minute, you are billed for 1 minute.  Call quality is excellent and calls connect almost immediately.  And the quantity of minutes received on these cards is satisfactory.
Although, in my opinion, problems seldom arise, PINLESS USA SERVICES Customer Service team is polite and resolves problems almost instantaneously.
Features include: Toll-free and Local Access Numbers, Speed Dial, Pinless Dialing and 24/7 customer support.
A simple online search of Calling Cards, PINLESS CALLING USA, PINLESS DIALING USA or International Calling Cards will likely yield results, usually in the hundreds.   A lot of Phone Card companies have high rankings with search engines and as easy as it is to find a product, that from the surface looks decent and if you don’t choose carefully you will run into problems just as soon.
 The purpose of this article is to help consumers select a card that does what it says:
Two great Calling Card brands circulating the market are PINLESS CALLING USA and PINLESS DILAING USA; it offers economical rates and quality.
PINLESS DIALING USA and PINLESS CALLING USA are great for not only domestic, Inter-USA Calls, but for International Calls as well.  And with great features like Pinless Dialing, Speed Dial and Crystal Clear voice quality, this card is soon becoming a favorite.
Customer Services for PINLESS DIALING USA and PINLESS CALLING USA operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. And in the rare event you do face a problem, their representatives solve problems fast.  And they are really apologetic.